Assisted maintenancewith Augmented Reality

Assisted maintenancewith Augmented Reality
The solution, exploiting augmented reality and virtual reality, is applied to situations where an expert operator remotely assists the on-site operator with maintenance activities. The solution envisages the use of smart glasses that enable mixed reality functions and remote video-calls. Real-time support is provided to the operator, with the augmented reality display of 3D models, maintenance procedures, circuit diagrams or instructions related to the repair or overhaul operation to be carried out. Thanks to these devices, which eliminate the need for instruction booklets or devices, the user can have both hands free during operations.
In this scenario, 5G architecture becomes the enabler of a real-time high resolution video-call to simplify remote intervention and to supply low latency augmented reality content. Edge Cloud algorithms enable the geographic localisation of the operator, the processing of images and the recognition of objects to simplify activities, guaranteeing increased safety in the workplace and on-site efficiency.

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